Some Like it Hot

My good friend and her partner recently dropped by with a bag full of snacks and goodies for me because she knows it’s hard for me to make food while caring for Aurora. She brought lots of yummy things that I wouldn’t buy myself because of the packaging- it’s nice to get them as a gift though, because you really can’t refuse a gift, but since I didn’t buy it myself, I don’t feel guilty!;) One of the goodies was Yogi Tea. I usually buy loose tea in bulk.I love the flavour of Yogi Tea and it’s so exciting getting a “fortune” with every bag. On the box, there is a blurb about how Yogi tea is individually wrapped to insure freshness, but the use materials that can be recycled. They are trying at least. It’s not even the wrapping that gets to me though, it’s the staples! Every bag has a string and label stapled to it (common with tea bags these days). I think you could build a true villain style, massive, take over the world, robot with all the metal from those staples.

Anyway, the Yogi tea got me thinking that it was time for me to post about beverages, and it’s perfect timing because it is now quite wintery outside! The best thing about a cold winter is being able to go inside a nice cosy house or cafe and have a hot beverage! Even if you get it trash-free, coffee, tea and hot chocolate all have their dirty secrets, but it is possible to have a karmically sound cuppa cuppa.
If it’s hot chocolate you are after, you can get fair trade, package free hot chocolate from Chocosol.They have a store somewhere on Bathurst Street and they also have a booth at the Dufferin Grove Market. They work with families in Mexico who grow cocoa. They roast it with solar power and grind it with Bicycles! They don’t have official fair trade status because they are working with families, so there are children involved. It is not forced child labour though- it’s a family farm and Chocosol pays more than most fair trade approved companies. Oh, it’s also delicious!

You can buy bulk fair trade, organic coffee and tea, or sit in and have a cup at MoonBean Coffee in Kensington. They also have hot chocolate- I’m not sure if it’s fair trade or not. Or you have the same options at Just Us Coffee brewers. Their hot chocolate definitely is fair trade.

If you just want herbal tea to have at home, my favorite place to get it is Tutti Fruiti in Kensington, but you can get loose herbal tea at most bulk food places, including Bulk Barn.

Don’t forget to bring your own bags or containers for all of the above:)


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