Green Baby update

dscn0809.jpgWow, it’s been about a month since I posted last! Sorry about that. It’s hard to find time with a babe in arms. In fact, she’s in my arms now and I’m typing one handed.

So here’s the scivvy on continuing our green lifestyle with a baby on board:

1. Shoppping

It is harder but still possible to shop for packageless items with a baby. My parents were down from edomton for a few weeks and my mom was my personal shopping assistant in bulk food stores. That made it really easy! It would also be relatively easy with a baby in a stroller- Aurora likes the sling better. Yesterday I went to Kensington with her in the sling and I managed quite well. The few times that it was getting difficult, a staff member helped me.

2. Diapers and Elimination Communication

We are still getting the hang of getting Aurora to go on the potty. The first three days that we had the potty, she went every time we offered it to her. Now it’s hit and miss (one time literally when the pee ricocheted off the potty!). Often she goes on a pad or open diaper so it’s not really lightening our laundry load so far. We do a load a day, and also use the dryer!!! We tried really hard not to- we never used it before the baby, but the diapers are just not drying at all on the line and it takes too long inside. So our energy and water consumption has gone up a bit. We are still reusing bath water to flush the toilet and we collect the water when the tap is heating up or cooling and use it as well.

I’m really surprised at how few people use cloth diapers. It doesn’t seem that difficult to me (may be because Kyle does most of the laundry!)  People seem amazed that I do use them. I took my mom to one of my favorite bulk shops in Kensington market and when the owner saw the baby she said “what are you going to do, recycle diapers?” and I said “well sort of. We use cloth” and she couldn’t believe it. I was surprised that she was surprised. Cloth diapers have come a long way though. We have some all in ones that are as quick to use as disposables.


I have accepted gifts of packaged items from people, but still try to get non packaged things when I shop. We have ordered in more than before, but it’s been pizza and we compost the box. We have also gotten beans in cans a few times instead of soaking and cooking dried ones, which I am actually doing right now. Ahhh the smell of simmering beans on a cold winters day!

4. Medical

We were just discharged from the midwife and will soon have a pediatrician. The midwives were great about allowing us to being our own change pad, towels etc. so we wouldn’t have to use dispoables. Hopefully we can find a like minded doctor.

My migraines came back the day after giving birth and Kyle has also been getting bad headaches so we have a bit of waste from Advil and Tylenol.



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4 responses to “Green Baby update

  1. Mom

    I have been checking for updates frequently and have at last been rewarded. You can still communicate with one hand and I imagine will get better with practice.
    Love to you all,

  2. Awww, she’s gorgeous!
    I’m surprised about the cloth thing. I have a lot of parent friends here in Toronto and almost half of them use cloth. Too bad about the dryer use (but I find the same thing with the diapers not line drying inside – my conscience is much cleaner in the summer in that regard – this is year 3 of cloth diapers, child 2).

  3. Annie

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful insight and inspiration! Loved that you helped me find a pacifier NOT MADE IN CHINA because I have been freaking out about lead lately. (My daughter was born just a few days before yours, so congrats btw.) Wish us luck as my coop has just started composting here in downtown San Francisco too.

  4. found your blog through your interview in baltimore’s urbanite magazine and i’m a regular reader! i have an unprecedented number of friends and acquaintances who are expecting new babies in the next year…i’d love to see a post with the gifts/favors you’ve found the most helpful/innovative since you’ve become parents. any chance you might be able to do this in the coming months?
    love the blog and keep up the good work.

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