Suck it up:)

Aurora has now gained a full pound since she was born three weeks ago. She came into this world at 7 pounds 13 ounces and is now 8 pounds 13 ounces- not surprising as she eats all the time!!! It was suggested to me that sometimes she just wants the comfort of the breast rather than milk and that we should look into a pacifier. I don’t like the idea of giving my baby a piece of plastic to suck on, but I do like the idea of being able to type with both hands again. I did some research on plastic free and eco- friendly pacifiers and this is what I found.natural rubber pacifier

It’s a Natursutten All-Natural Rubber Pacifier from Europe and we North Americans can order it through Zoe B. Even “safe” plastics have no guarantee about not leeching substances-as far as I know there are no nasty substances that can leech out of natural rubber. Any one wanna call me on that?



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8 responses to “Suck it up:)

  1. Bobbie

    Hi Sarah.. I don’t really know about whether or not rubber will be harmful in anyway, but I do know that at about 6 weeks old your baby girl will likely figure out she has a handy little thumb to suck on. At that point she might stop using you as a soother. It’s also much easier to find her thumb when she wakes up in the night instead of you having to go fish around in the dark looking for it for her. You know her thumb is safe and you don’t have the throw it out and buy a new one every couple months.

  2. She sometimes sucks on her thumb for short periods. Did you raise your kids pacifier free? I originally thought I would do that, but I didn’t really know why and now everyone I know with kids uses them and suggests them. Can you tell me more about it?

  3. Bobbie

    Both Bailey and Brenna rejected them. I left Bailey’s in her toy box. She would use them once in a while, but never got really attatched to it. I threw hers out at 8 or 9 months. Brenna rejected it and I never bothered to try to get her to take one. She sucks on her thumb when ever she wants comfort. I’m happy with that because I don’t have to deal with looking for lost soothers or cleaning them. She sleeps through the night with no problems. Over all she’s a pretty content baby. Also if you are concerned about thumb sucking becoming a problem, it never did with Bailey. She’s 3 years and almost 8 months and doesn’t suck her thumb.

    My personal feeling on soothers with my children is that I don’t really want the hassel of trying to get them weened off soothers or the problems with teaching them how to sleep without one when I do ween them off it. It also has the added benefit that I don’t have to throw them out and replace them every 2-3 months. Brenna usually only cries if she wants me or is really, really hungry. A soother won’t fix either of those problems.

    In the end little Aurora will make it pretty clear what she wants. She might even reject them outright even if you decide to use one.

  4. Radical Garbage Man

    So, dumb question from the childless:

    Why is thumb sucking viewed as a problem? The only real insight I have is from Gone With the Wind where some bitter post bellum southerner tells Rhett to put quinine on his daughter’s thunm so she won’t suck it.

    My friend’s 2 year old kid is really attached to his pacifier and now has the budding linguistic ability to specifically ask for his “papu.” Again, the only reasons I can find to object to this are the legit one (phtalates in the “papu”) and some vague sense that Freud would be having conniptions, which is a sense I have learned to identify and ignore.

  5. thumb sucking as an infant is not a problem- my problem is the munching on my nipples. Feeding doesn’t hurt but munching does. Also I never even thought about the fact that pacifiers become garbage. I didn’t realize you had to change them every few months.Hmmm

  6. blair

    I think that if a baby sucks on their thumb for extended periods, once teeth are coming in, it can interfere with that. Pre-teeth, it’s fine.

    But I am also so very not an expert on these things.

  7. crystal

    I was raised pacifier free, but sucked my thumb until I was 10. I only sucked my thumb at home, so not a social problem and I have perfectly straight teeth.

  8. I agree…I think the thumb is less hassle for parents. It might be somewhat harder to break your child of it when it comes time (if the time ever comes), but it is way easier for them to self-soothe. I offered soothers to both my kids and neither one really liked them. They both ended up as thumb suckers and it’s just now starting to get to me that my daughter is still sucking her thumb – but she’s not quite two and a half, so it’s not yet a real problem. When my kids get upset in the middle of the night, all they have to do is stick their thumb in their mouth..they don’t have to find a soother in bed somewhere (and more importantly, I don’t have to find the soother for them).
    I may still offer a soother to my next baby (due in June), but I get the feeling that I’ll just never be the kind of mom that’s constantly sticking the thing back in to get the kid used to it (since that’s often required to get your baby hooked).
    Another thing we did when our kids were quite small is giving them one of our fingers to suck on. Just make sure your hands are relatively clean first and pop in a pinkie. They loved it and it still allowed for close proximity. If they started using the breast that way, I’d just switch it for a finger and they would be happy. Eventually they found their thumbs worked as well and we quit using our fingers.

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