Birth- a wonderful and messy business

Aurora was born on Friday at 11:33 am!Welcome to the world, Aurora! We are very excited and proud.

We had a hospital birth with a midwife. We were in the hospital only a little more than four hours. We had brought a huge bag with us, with everything we might need, including a number of items to help reduce the garbage (a reusable cup, cloth pads, cloth diapers etc.) We did end up making some garbage because birth is a messy business and at the hospital there are rules and regulations to follow. It would be easier at a home birth, I think.

We forgot to tell the midwife about our reusable cup and ended up with a Styrofoam one full of juice for me.

***WARNING- gory detail coming up***

My cloth pads didn’t cut it and were soaked through before we got my pants pulled up. We did use a cloth diaper instead of the plastic ones they had, and we avoided getting a straw. I knew we would create some garbage and I wasn’t too upset by it. I was just exhausted and elated!

Anyhow, Aurora is home with us now. We are using cloth diapers but I didn’t buy nearly enough, since we were planning to practice EC. We are doing it, but she still soils twice as many diapers as we had expected, so Kyle is doing laundry every day, and for the first time in ages we are using the dryer too. Also sometimes we “catch” a pee or poo but it’s in the diaper sitting under her butt, that hasn’t been put on yet, so we aren’t really cutting down on how many we use. We will get more diapers very soon, and hopefully be able to hang dry. Using wash cloths as wipes is working great and really, at home we are not producing any more garbage with a baby than without.

Here she is! My posts may get less frequent now. It’s taken me 3 days to do this one!




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8 responses to “Birth- a wonderful and messy business

  1. Collette

    oh I’m so, so proud of all of you! I’m now a little bit regretting choosing to go to Vancouver for my vacation in November, rather than Toronto. I want to meet Aurora! but, soon enough. I’d really like to take some time in late winter to go to Toronto, Kingston, and Montreal to visit you guys, Kelsey, and Tanis. no guarantees, but I’m thinking about it and trying to figure out if I can swing it. I still want to go to Scotland for two weeks as well.

  2. Congratulations! Don’t worry, the number of diapers will decrease with time, but at first it’s a lot to keep up with. Great photo and a lovely name.

  3. Congratulations! I love the family portrait! Aurora is absolutely beautiful.

  4. Congratulations everyone! Welcome to baby Aurora — you’ve picked a wonderful family to join!

  5. sweetdumpling

    you have to fill me in on how the EC works. i have a book out from the library, but i’m not reading it. so that doesnt help. but we really want to do it with this one.

  6. Beverley

    Congratulations! I love the name Aurora!!.. (i used to be in a band called Auroras blessing…)

    I have some gently used cloth diaper covers that have been sitting around, if you would like them. I bought them when my daughter was first born, she is now 19 months and has out-grown them.

    I can ship them to you (for free!)via Purolator but i’m afraid there might be some garbage involved..?

    Email me, if you’re interested and we’ll work something out.

  7. Congratulations! She looks like a big healthy baby (how much did she weigh?) and you both look very happy. Diapering in the beginning is tough, but you’re brave for giving EC a try…I may go there with the next one, but I didn’t know about it when my first two were born. I’m building up my stockpile of cloth diapers now so that I’ll have lots when my new one is born in June.
    If you have more kids, do you think you’ll have a home birth? I’d love to do it this time, but it wasn’t so bad having the other two in the hospital -although they kept me too long last time.
    I wish we had midwives here!

  8. Hello Sarah and Kyle and of course welcome to Baby Aurora. I have been keeping an eye on your site as we are kindred spirits…besides being kin. So, Sarah, your Dad is my First cousin making you a first cousin/ once removed. Aurora is my First cousin twice removed. I had to work figuring that out. Anyway I have put a parcel in the mail and in trying to keep the paper content down, I have just sent a card but realized you may not have a clue who we are. Styrafoam remains a problem here too although it was once used as an add to the city’s yardwaste compost. There was just too much of it. We have a second hand baby store here (Medicine Hat, AB) and it is lovely as baby’s rarely wear out their things. One of the ways you may be able to keep packaging down is to see if you have a twice-around shop there dedicated to wee ones. They have the shaped flannel diapers and I think they were a dollar each. That was one of the most important things I learned very quickly in my R R R is that it is most economical to be green. Some people make it out to be so difficult. Good Grief! If you can manage to bring all the product into your home and manage to get it to the curb – you can manage to recycle! But I like your way best. BTW November 24 th I think is called Buy Nothing Today Day. I was bad last year I just bought everything I needed on the 23rd. Anyway love to you all and maybe some day you will come to Alberta.

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