Babies don’t come in a package

While I’m waiting for the baby to arrive I thought I’d do a post on what we are planning to do in order to keep our trash production down when we have the baby. Lots of people ask me about it, and I know people who have done it, so here is a list of how we plan to achieve it. I’ll update after the baby is born!

1. Make sure friends and family know you don’t want packaged items. This has worked fairly well for us so far. At our baby shower, people wrapped gifts in tea towels or reused and still reusable gift bags. We only received a few items in plastic.

2. Buy second hand baby supplies whenever possible from thrift stores, or even better, community forums like Craig’s List or Free-use.

3. Use a combination of cloth diapers and EC. We are using Sage Mama, plus a few that a friend made. I also have a template to make more if I have time, but we really like the Sage Mama ones. With using EC, we should cut down on the amount we need, and we are not using bleach or the dryer, so the energy consumpution will stay low too.

4. Use cloth wipes and wipe solution. Soft face cloths work. You can also make your own wipe solution.

5. Use reusable cloth breast pads. Grassroots has organic ones, or they are pretty easy to make, or you get get them at baby or department stores.

6.Use cloth sanitary pads for Mom (me) immediately after the baby is born. These are fairly easy to make, plus Many Moons makes them in extra large specifically for this purpose. I have frozen some in witch hazel as that is supposed to help with the healing process.

7. Before the baby is born, prepare by making as much food as will fit in your freezer, to try and avoid take-out when things get hectic. We made 2 kinds of squash soup, curry, turkish stew and 2 different kinds of cookies.


We also have friends willing to drop by with food, which is awesome!



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4 responses to “Babies don’t come in a package

  1. I love that cookies are a part of your post-birth prepped food list.

  2. Actually we made the cookies for eating during the labour, but may be we’ll have some leftover for later too:) They are healthy cookies made with ground up almonds, sesame seeds and maple syrup, if that makes it any better.

  3. I have two little guys and definitely second hand is the way to go, especially when they are young – they go through clothes and toys so quickly that they don’t have time to wear things out. is great for kids, too – I’ve gotten some great little books and toys and passed a bunch on as well. And, of course, you can avoid all the packaging!

  4. When I had my last baby, I bought a large bundle of white washcloths and cut each in half. I just wet them with water, and they worked fine. When I went off, I dampened a few and packed them in a baggie. I took a second baggie to put them in after they were used. Since you are not doing plastic, you could use some other container, of course, maybe a wax paper bag? She never had a rash and we used them until she was potty trained.

    When my little grandson ws born, we never put any kind of soap or shampoo on his skin or hair, just water for cleaning. He is 3 now, and gets compliments daily on his beautiful hair and skin. Best of luck and thanks for sharing and encouraging all of us. 🙂

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