Virgin Music Festival

I was a very lucky girl this weekend! My sister had a baby shower for us and we recieved many awesome gifts for the baby, most of which were wrapped in equally awesome tea towels so there would be no garbage.

Also my friend Dave flew in from Regina and had an extra ticket to the Virgin Music fest. In return for letting him stay at our place,(which was perfect because Kyle was out of town and wanted some one to stay with me in case the baby came). I got to go see Bjork for free at the Virgin Music Festival!  The festival had a “green theme” so there was no styrofoam and all of the food containers were biodegradable. I still think renting out plates at festivals is the best idea, but at least they were trying.

Bjork’s show was spectacular, but not particularly green. There were little pieces of sparkly paper that shot out everywhere and fire works and flame throwers.


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