A good friend came to stay and she was very impressed at our kitchen accessories, particularly the funnels. I’d never thought to mention the funnels before. When you are buying runny things in bulk or even just making  such things and keeping them in reused jars and bottles, a funnel is very handy to have. Instead of buying funnels, I cut off the top of pop bottles, one big and one small. Blair thought that was very clever, so I thought I should share it:)

Oh and one more thing, I have been making my own herbal iced tea (that’s why Blair saw the funnels) and it is a big hit.  I buy fruity tea in bulk (right now it’s cranberry/apple), make a pot and let it steep a long time (over night is good). Then use a funnel and a strainer to strain it out into a glass fruit juice container, add honey, shake shake shake and chill. The strawberry kind tasted like Kool-aid but is so much healthier and has no package to throw away.



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3 responses to “Clever

  1. J

    every bit of info is good info! thank-you for sharing.

  2. Mom

    Good idea about the funnel creation. Pop bottle bottoms make good drip catchers on big coffee urns also.

  3. sweetdumpling

    i love making my own iced tea. so rewarding!

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