The Big Carrot!

I finally made it to the Big Carrot, and I have to say, it’s a garbage-free paradise! It’s huge, with a very big bulk section and a whole room of health and beauty products. They have my favorite conditioner in bulk! And, they have the really cool stainless steel water bottles for cheaper than I’ve ever seen them. Actually most of the items are the cheapest I’ve seen. And, they have a juice bar/cafe, and a whole plaza of environmentally friendly/holistic themed stores. I also got some organic malted milk type chocolates in bulk-yummm.

I will definitely be making the trek to the East side more frequently now that I know how great it is.


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One response to “The Big Carrot!

  1. sweetdumpling

    how is it that you had never been there? i long for the big carrot.
    i used to live a block north (or was it 2?) and frequented the area often.

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