Registries are fun fun fun!

Yesterday I went to Grassroots and registered for our baby shower. It is so much fun picking out your own gifts! It’s like looking at the Sears Wish Catalogue when I was young. I spent at least an hour there, and in hind site, probably just should have pointed out the items I didn’t want (as there were only 4 or 5).

Grassroots does registries for both wedding and baby showers. I was talking with the cashier there about also having birthday registries, but I’m not sure if that would fly. Showers and Weddings are something that definitely require gifts, but birthdays….not necessarily. May be it would seem demanding or pretentious to have a birthday registry?

We also received our second hand stroller yesterday.Thanks to Sean for driving it up from Midland! It definitely makes the impending birth seem more real with a stroller in our living room!



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2 responses to “Registries are fun fun fun!

  1. mom

    check spelling on necessary…..and how do I get to the registries?

  2. Thanks Mom! I fixed it- guess I forgot to spell check this one. You can call Grass Roots and they’ll tell you which of the items on line are on our registry. The toll free number is 1 888 633 5863 . You may want to look at the site:, under “baby and mama”, find things you like and then just ask if they are on the registry. Most things they sell are on the registry, with the exception of disposables. 🙂

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