Small Victories

I try to do the majority of my grocery shopping at markets. Sometimes, because of time restrictions, I end up at a big grocery store. I often leave disheartened and disappointed.

I just came back from Sobeys and I feel great! I was able to get quite a bit of Ontario grown produce, including delicious red plums! I discovered that Compliments brand ice-cream comes in just cardboard with no extra plastic inside. The package is both compostable and recyclable in Toronto.

I was  able to get everything I needed without packaging and it was no trouble when I got to the cashier. In fact, I noticed all around me people were piling there loose veggies and fruit onto the counter and asking for “no bags please”. The guy beside me had too many groceries for the two lovely woven bags he brought from Fiesta Farms, but he wouldn’t let the cashier put the extras in plastic. She said ” I’m worried that everything is getting squished” and he said happily. “OK, I’ll buy another cloth bag off of you then” .   Ahhh the times, they are a changin’ (at last!!!)


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