I’m so sorry it’s been so long since my last post! Thank you for staying with me.

First of all, I scanned the article that was published in Glow magazine. It’s in publicity. It’s very big, but I couldn’t shrink it and still get the words to be readable. I welcome any technical advice, as I am a bit technologically challenged. I didn’t realize Glow was such a glossy beauty mag. In the same issue is, “instantly smooth skin”, “how to love your body”, “guilt free sweets”, “The B word, are you one?” and “42 sexy Summer looks”. In the very back is a very small article about me and Kyle and not making trash.

Next, I promised I would talk more about picnics. There is a group in London Ontario working on making festivals and picnics trash free. I’m not sure how they found me, as they e-mail my work e-mail instead of my personal one, but they are doing great things like trying to change the types of vendors at outdoor festivals, and providing reusable lunch kits with cutlery, plates etc. I will post contact info tomorrow. I can’t get at my work e-mail from home.

More about picnics, on Saturday I went to Toronto island with a group of old friends. It was almost a garbage free picnic (they brought pizza which had a plastic ribbon and a little plastic part to hold up the box). It was pretty easy though. Everything coming from our house was in Tupperware and we brought an extra to bring compost in. We brought cutlery in a stiff plastic bag (that once had frozen berries in it) and a few reusable plastic plates. We brought drinks in our own bottles. It was a lot of fun. We even swam in the lake! I’m not sure why it is “safe” to swim in the lake, but there were some other living things in there (algae and some fish), so that’s a good sign.

I threw another small grocery bag of garbage out a few days ago (exactly 3 weeks after our big purge). It is mostly small plastic bits and wrappers. We have had lots of guests lately so it’s not just ours (blame, blame;)

Last week, I had the opportunity to do a workshop at Greenest City! It is a fantastic organization that hires youth to help green the community. They attend workshops by people such as myself, Leaf and Toronto Sprouts. They organize an organic community garden in Parkdale and they try to spread the green word to everyone in the community. We talked about the garbage project and made cards. One of the attendees of the workshop was nodding off during my talk, but I had to assume that he was just very tired, and not that I was boring.



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4 responses to “Sorry!

  1. Collette

    hey Sarah!

    I forgot to tell you! back in June I attended Winnipeg Folk Festival for the first time. did you know that they only have reusable plastic plates?! it was amazing! any time you bought something from a food vendor that required a plate, you paid a $2 deposit on the plate. you got your money back when you took the plate to the drop-off booth.

    two days into the festival I realized that it was the first large public event that I’ve ever attended where the trash cans weren’t overflowing. it was great to see the obvious benefits of having reusable plastic plates!

  2. They do that at the Jasper folk fest too. I bought my plate for $5 instead of doing the $2 rental and it’s one of the one’s we carry with us now.

  3. Collette

    ooh, a story in the Globe and Mail today on cob houses!

    A dream home made of mud

  4. thanks Collette. That really is my dream home!

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