Yaaay Vinegar!

I really need to sit down and do a more substantial post, as I do have things to talk about  (Glow magazine article, community trash free picnic initiative, trying to go fair-trade at work and Donna-Marie Beatty). Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time right now. I will  post quickly to  say that Nature’s Best decided not to cancel Vinegar off their supply list after all, because they got so many complaints. That means Grass Roots will have Bulk Vinegar again! Yaaaaaaay! I no longer have to ration.

Kyle and I also discovered a great pizza place on College St. West. I’ll post it in Trashless Toronto. It’s called John’s Classic Pizza. They do serve slices on paper plates, but will gladly put it on a real plate if you ask. They were quite supportive and grateful when I explained what we were doing. Speaking of restaurants, I don’t think I ever posted about Mezzita. It’s a little tapas place on St. Clair West. I took some friends there and we ordered way too much, which is easy to do ( I would suggest ordering half the amount that the menu suggests). The waitress was very shocked when I asked what kind of containers they had for take-away. They have reusable plastic containers (like yogurt comes in). She said she hates styrofoam and wouldn’t want to touch it. She also said she has been waitressing for a long time and I am the first person to ever ask that question. Go figure.



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4 responses to “Yaaay Vinegar!

  1. Sarah, I found a great receptacle for take-out hot food (because you really don’t want to put hot food in plastic): Indian tiffin boxes. I have a photo here:
    I used them for the first time on Friday at the Ghali Kitchen (4 Greenwood) and George (the owner) loved them. I highly recommend them. And the Ghali Kitchen, for that matter!

  2. kim

    vinegar is truly a magic elixir – good for cleaning but also for health. glad to hear you are going to continue being able to buy this essential item in bulk!

  3. By the way, thanks for the tip on bulk vinegar!

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