A year in a day

My hope for this year, after finishing the month garbage free, was to only make one black garbage bag of garbage through out the entire year. We’ve done that in the past, so I was confident we could do it again.

Since we finished the month garbage free, we’ve thrown out 4 small grocery bags of trash. So that works out to about a grocery bag per month. I’m not sure how many of those fit into a black bag, but my friend suggested 10.  This week, we did some massive cleaning, sorting, and rearranging to make room in our apartment for the baby and her/his stuff. After giving a few loads of stuff away, we were still left with one fairly full black bag of pure garbage. Sigh! I keep trying to make myself feel better by looking at the garbage my neighbours put out weekly. It’s sometimes more than we will put out all year, including this bag. It doesn’t make me feel any better about it though. Ah well, maybe I should adjust my goal this year to be 2 garbage bags full and aim for 1 next year.

That’s all for now. Sorry I’ve had twp somewhat stinky posts in a row. The next one will be positive again- I promise!



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2 responses to “A year in a day

  1. Fascinating post/topic. I am wondering what the difference is between trash and garbage. Or is there one?

  2. No difference. I am using the words interchangably. The site is called No more Garbage: Say No to Trash. It all really just means we try not to throw anything out.

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