Article in Urbanite Magazine

The article about this project came out recently in Urbanite magazine. You can check it out here, or in the publicity section of this blog.

There are quite a few misquotes. I don’t think I said “like” as much as I do in the article (at least I hope I didn’t), and some things were taken out of context. It says we want to create a small garbage bag every 3 weeks, which is not true. We want to reduce as much as possible- at the time of the interview we happened to be making approximately a small bag every three weeks. Now we have extended it to six! Also it said that after being tested for pregnancy, I had “a cotton ball, band-aid, needle and all the things from the pregnancy test”, but those were all the things from the pregnancy test.

The article also makes it sound like every shop I go to is right around the corner from me, when actually some of them are quite a trek. God, I hope I didn’t really say “I hop on my bike!”

It doesn’t seem like the answers always match the questions. I wish I remembered what the original questions were. Oh and I was very excited about this article because she had asked me many questions about the art side of it and seemed to understand the answers. Unfortunately I’m quoted saying “I picked this up as a performance art project. It’s like the “artist’s life” kind of project. In this kind of project, you don’t necessarily have a product, but sometimes you do (in my case there’s the blog and photographs), but mostly it was the action of accomplishing something in your life. Often it’s something extreme. ” which sounds very flakey and doesn’t make much sense. What I said was that nomoregarbage was an “Art in Life project”, not “it’s like the artists life kind of project (what does that mean?). I explained that there is not always a product associated with art in life, and that it was more about actions. Next time, I’ll do an e-mail interview instead of phone, so I have more control. Ah well, the picture was very nice, and Sam (the photographer) bought me ice cream, so I suppose that makes up for the article.



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5 responses to “Article in Urbanite Magazine

  1. my favourite misquote in the article is: “We used toilet paper made from recycled paper and wrapped it in recycled paper.”

    it makes it sound like you’d wrap USED toilet paper in recycled paper, when you buy toilet paper that is wrapped in recycled paper (rather than plastic). ha.

  2. Collette
    That’s really funny. I hadn’t noticed that actually. I had to stop reading after awhile because it was just frustrating me. I just had two really good press experiences though-on CBC and in Today’s Parent, so it balances out.:)

  3. Sorry it was a less than perfect experience, but I do want to say that I read the article this morning and enjoyed it….got me thinking. I will be adding your blog to my faves so I can keep read along here. 🙂 Thanks for sharing what you’re doing. I appreciate it!

  4. Laura

    I agree with Janice – I only got here (your site) from the article in Urbanite. Overall, I thought it was a great article. I’m definitely thinking a lot more about what I can do to be even more environmentally responsible.

  5. Shelly

    Hey….Just wanted to give you a thumbs up for all your trying to do!! One person DOES make a difference! (and there are two of you:) )
    Read the article last night and wrote your blog info down right away. I felt inspired and wish you the best on the birth of your little one!

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