The incredible Bulk

We threw out another grocery bag of garbage yesterday. That’s 6 weeks this time. Woo Hoo! I’ve asked Kyle to start saving his chip bags and things like that again (which I insisted that he throw out to make room for the baby). I have a couple workshops coming up where I can use them for installation. Garbage installation! I also still want to try weaving them.
I went to the Young and Eglinton Centre Bulk Store  and bought a big bag of bulk chocolate bars(about 20), so that we could have some treats without packaging. Someone ate the majority in one day! That’s the problem with bulk. I wish there was a corner store near us that sold bulk so it was easy to buy just one package free bar at a time. It is hard to keep chocolate bars in the house when you know they are just sitting there. I wouldn’t be able to do it previously either. I can now because surprisingly, with pregnancy came self restraint. I can now eat just one bit of chocolate and save the rest for later.  Now all you detectives know that I wasn’t the someone who ate too many chocolate bars(not this time anyhow)….

Grass Roots no longer carries bulk vinegar. This is a huge blow. They are looking for another supplier but their supplier just stopped carrying it. We use vinegar as the main ingredient for cleaning supplies, and though I know the containers are recyclable, I really don’t want to get a container every time. Bulk is so much better! And we have no problems keeping lots of vinegar in the house. It’s not as tempting to over clean as it is to over eat!


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