I really wanna go!!!!

I followed a link to Everdale Farms today, because they are having a produce sale and picnic that I would really like to go to, but I think it is too far to bike whilst pregnant. Not only do we not have a car, but we don’t really know many people who do! Anyhow Everdale looks amazing and they have an internship program for people wanting to learn about organic farming. I wonder if they will accept a couple with a new baby?

The reason I’m so excited about Everdale is that they seem to be living our dream. We still don’t have money saved up to by land, but some day soon before the (excuse my language) shit really hits the fan environmentally, we would like to have our own sustainable cobb home somewhere in the country. They offer sustainable living workshops at their farm. That’s something we could do too! We want a cobb house and they have straw bale, which is a bit different, but I think I would like to go to one of their workshops anyways. We don’t even know if either of us would like or be good at farming, but if we did the internship program we would find out. I wonder if we are too old to be interns.


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  1. Lynda Valentine

    Hi there,
    I know that this is an old posting, but I know of a place just outside Duncan BC that is a commune that builds all their homes out of hay and recycled materials and grow all their own foods and raise their own animals. Unfortunately the name of it is in a diary that I don’t have with me here at my daughter’s in the Sault. They are expanding to include another dozen or so families so this may be of interest to you. You might get the name of it off the net our you could email my sister-in-law at margostyan@shaw.ca. She is a good friend of the lady who started the commune and could perhaps give you the information. I am 60 years old or I would be eager to apply myself as I have always dreamed of being self-sufficient too. Good luck with your plans to live off of the land and keep up the great environmental work you are currently doing!
    Lynda Valentine

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