Yaaay! It’s summer time! I have been making smoothie Popsicles so I can have yummy treats, garbage free. The best part is that it is strawberry season. Here’s the sort of recipe:

A bunch of Ontario Strawberries

Yogurt (Pinehouse farms brand in a glass jar that I take back for deposit)

peaches or other fruit, chopped

milk(Harmony organic in glass bottles) or juice

Blend it all up, save some to drink, then pour the rest into plastic Popsicle makers.

If you are vegan, try banana instead of yogurt and almond milk or juice.

I also had the best icecream in the world at Dufferin Grove Market on Thursday. It is way better than Hagendaas and because it’s a local farmer, there is no extra packaging and they may even reuse your containers if you ask them. I just had a cone so I ate my “container”. It was $3.75, but that is a small price to pay for heaven in your mouth. Here’s the scoop on the company:
Bestbaa Farm: Peter Bzikot offers Plain Yogourt, Maple Yogourt, Fresh cheese, Feta, Ramembert, Brebettes, Eweda & Eweda Cru. Of course all from Sheep milk. Lamb pies, too. Best Baa will also be scooping cones of Mapleton’s Organic Ice Cream as well as their own sheep’s milk ice cream from their new cart.

Contact: Phone: 519-848-5694 |Email: Peter Bzikot at

In other news, I gave my garbage talk to the city of Toronto on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Everyone who was there said it was great, but there was only one person who came on their own accord. The other 6 people were: my boss, her boss, the documentary film maker who was following us around, Kyle, a photographer from the villager, and Gord Perks (who came to speak as well). Oh well, the one person seemed to enjoy herself, and hopefully more people will see it when the documentary comes out.

And now for an update on the bees. We visited friend who are beekeepers a few months ago and they have not been affected by the strange bee epidemic at all. They are also totally natural, organic bee farmers who use no medications or pesticides. It seems that my theory is right and the problem is cause by a new ingredient in a popular pesticide made in the states.


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