5 weeks this time

As most of you know, we are done the “absolutely no garbage allowed” part of our project, and have been producing approximately a grocery bag of garbage every 3 weeks.

On Sunday I threw another grocery bag of garbage out. I made it 5 weeks this time! Kyle has been saving his garbage to make art with, so we may end up throwing that out too if he hasn’t made it before the baby comes. We need space for baby stuff, we don’t have any extra room for storing garbage. The main offenders for Kyle are chocolate bar and chip wrappers. There are no package free potato chips and home made ones are just not the same. It is possible to get wrapper free chocolate bars at bulk stores, but there are none really close to us and when I do get them, I get a whole bunch, which Kyle usually eats all at once, and then feels sick. He doesn’t want me to buy a bunch more, but eventually he wants just one more and gets it at the convenient store. The good thing is the wrappers are pretty so if he does find the time to make art, they turn into aesthetically pleasing art. O.K, enough Kyle gossip (sorry sweety).

I have weened myself off waffles! So that’s less plastic garbage for me. I can’t get off the crackers though. I still need them in the morning to fend off my nausea. I also threw out my first pair of disposable contact lenses. They are very small, but I wondering about environmental problems caused by the chemicals breaking down. I’ll try to do some research.



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4 responses to “5 weeks this time

  1. You need to get a waffle iron and make your own waffles. Besides reducing garbage, they taste *so* much better.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been wishing for one for awhile. I think I’m going to put it on the shower gift list, of things we need for the baby! When I was really nauseated and needed to eat fast in the morning, the toaster ones were perfect because I didn’t really have to do anything to prepare them.

  3. sundaybrunch

    This is Anna!

    I need that list of gifts you want for the baby…

    I made a new wordpress blog for project purposes – crafting, food and gardening primarily.

    And here is a blog I think you might like:


    She is a friend of mine from Glitter. I’m really inspired by her posts about living a handmade life.

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