Earth Day

Earth Day is a strange phenomenon to me. I think it’s important to celebrate the earth and remember that it is part of us and we need to take care of it, but shouldn’t we do that every day? I have never really done much about Earth Day, and this year I am working. I think I will try to make sure I don’t make any garbage on that day (tomorrow), since I’m not 100% garbage free anymore, and I’ll try to take some time to be outside.

The thing I like about earth day is the availability of information and resources coming up to that day. There was a green issue of both the Now and Eye this week with lots of good tips on how to be more eco-friendly in all area’s of life.

In fact, in this week’s Now, Adria Vasil wrote about her own attempt to be garbage free. Please don’t get discouraged by it. If you try cold turkey to go garbage free, it’s pretty much impossible, but if you do some research and preparation ahead of time, it can be relatively painless. She has some very useful tips and so do I. You can use the search tool in this blog to find out about anything your heart desires (related to living garbage free) and if it’s not here, you can ask me and I’ll tell you. I got pretty excited when I read Adria’s article because it suggests buying biodegradable tooth floss, and from what I understood it didn’t really exist. I emailed to ask her where to get it, and it turns out that part of the article was added by her editors and there may not be such a thing. There are brands adverstised as biodegradable but it’s the packaging, not the floss. She did tell me that she thinks the silk and beeswax kind in biodegradable which is exciting.** I just did a little research into that, and I can’t find any info about whether or not it is biodegradable. Unfortunately it comes in a nasty plastic package, so that’s no good for me. Too bad.*** The editors had suggested putting it in the green bin which I know is incorrect. I called the lovely people at the City of Toronto to ask exact details of the green bin earlier this year and discovered that the sorting is done by machines who can’t tell if your bags or q-tips or floss is biodegradable or not so it all gets picked out and thrown in landfill to avoid ruining the batch.
I’m going to search for recycled or biodegradable band aids today so I’ll keep you posted on that.

Back to Adria Vasil, she writes the eco-holic article in Now magazine and she just out out a book full of tips on green living. I’m going to try and make it out to the launch at the Gladstone hotel on Monday night. It’s up to the Sprout really, but I hope I can go because I’m looking forward to it. She has a lot of great green info and her column has helped me a lot in the past few years.



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2 responses to “Earth Day

  1. I didn’t realize that my biodegradable q-tips were getting picked out. *sigh*

  2. Sorry to be there bearer of bad news. We cut ours up small and put them in the backyard composter.

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