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Sometime during the media parade, a nice young man name Josh came over to interview us for a new environmental website for teenagers. I was already suffering from “morning” sickness, which I just have to reiterate is not only limited to mornings, so I conducted the whole interview slumped in my big comfy chair. Kyle had to do a lot of the talking. Maybe because of that, or perhaps just because Josh is such a good journalist, I think it’s one of the best articles that’s been written about us (not meant as a slam to Dale or other writers who were also great). I’m also very impressed that he mentioned Gris Gris by name! It was posted on March 23rd, and for your convenience, here it is:
A Waste-Less Wonderland
By Josh. Posted on 1:05:01 am – Friday, March 23, 2007.

Sure, you’d like to cut down on the amount of garbage you produce, wouldn’t you? You want to do your part, but not producing any garbage at all? Seems a tad impossible.

Well not if you’re Sarah McGaughey, 29, and Kyle Glover, 32, a Toronto couple trying to go completely garbage-free for over a month They’re finding out that it’s not impossible but it’s not so easy either.

“Kyle is convinced that it will only take us one month to get one month garbage free, but if we accidentally get any garbage, we have to start again at day one,” McGaughey writes on her blog, Say No To Trash. “So, while I am hoping it will only take a month, I am ready for the fact that it may be a bit longer.”

There’s the rub, right? Every time they produce garbage, they start again. For example, on a trip to Montreal recently, McGaughey got a straw in a drink while at a bar — she was paying attention to ordering in French rather than asking for no straw — and bam, back to the beginning.

McGaughey and Glover, who have been married for two years, aren’t exactly the type of people who produce a lot of garbage in the first place. In 2005 they produced ONE bag of garbage. ONE BAG FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR! In 2006 they put one grocery shopping bag on the curb every two weeks.

These two aren’t amateurs. Both are incredibly dedicated to the idea of a garbage-free lifestyle.

They’re getting a fair bit of media attention too. The Globe and Mail is doing weekly updates on their progress. CBC’s The Hour has profiled them and they’ve been on the Gillian Deacon Show, amongst others.

Despite their previous attempts, going totally garbage free has created a whole new set of problems to be solved.

Take Gris Gris, their cat, who when scratching a scratching post produces small flecks of fibre, which Glover pointed out one day was, well, garbage. He started to collect the fibres to stuff a cat toy he’s going to make.

That’s the key, really. Ingenuity. Figuring out ways to do the things you’ve always done, but without the resulting garbage.

Glover can’t eat soup without crackers but you can’t buy crackers that don’t come prepackaged so McGaughey taught herself how to make crackers. The recipe is on their blog if you feel so inclined.

They’re picking up other helpful tidbits along the way, like how to make their own toothpaste (three parts baking soda and one part salt) or what to do about earwax and Q-tips.
As for the stickers on fruit, well Glover and McGaughey have been keeping them to make collages and cards for friends.

The couple is always on the look out for new tips or support from the community, so make sure you hit up their blog and show them some love.


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