The scoop on poop

Now for the much anticipated entry on cat litter! We used to use Cobby Cat, which is made out of corn cobs and costs about $20 for a 25 pound bag (at a pet food store). It is very fine though and it tracks all over the house. The good news is that it is biodegradable and even flushable, and comes in a paper bag that can be recycled and composted. Unfortunately, all the pet stores we like have stopped carrying it, so we bought Swheat Scoop instead. It’s way better, but it’s $28.99 for a 25 lb bag. It clumps amazingly well, doesn’t track all over the house and is still biodegradable and flushable (though we never flush it because we have green bin service). It also comes in a paper bag that can be either recycled or composted. For more options,  I found this site which has a pretty large selection of natural and environmentally friendly cat litters.

Here’s a photo of Gris Gris “helping” me darn some socks. It was when we were using the Cobby Cat litter so you can see it tracked all over the carpet, even though we had vacuumed just a few hours before the picture was taken. I like the Swheat Scoop much better, even though it costs quite a bit. Gris Gris doesn’t really seem to care either way.



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3 responses to “The scoop on poop

  1. Thanks for the kitty litter tip! I am trying to eliminate my use of the green bin because of the energy involved in processing and picking it up. Kitty litter is most of what goes in still as most other stuff I put in the backyard composter. I’m not sure if feces are good for compost though – would I compost the “wet” clumps and flush the feces?

  2. You could. You could also flush it all as the kinds I listed claim to be biodegradable and flushable.

  3. I just had a thought. Maybe cat pee in the composter would help keep the rats out!

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