It’s getting Hot Hot Hot

This afternoon, I went to the Etobicoke School for the Arts to speak on a symposium for climate change. Other speakers were, Gord Perks, a city councillor who used to work for Green Peace and the environmental minister, whose name I can’t remember. In the evening Jack Layton and a few others will speak, but I was in the afternoon. There were also skits, dances, a power point presentation, a band to play guests in and out, plus the whole thing was MC-ed by two “mad scientists”. It was pretty amazing. In the Power Point, there was a quote I really like by David Suzuki. It’s something like “Our society is like a car speeding full speed into a brick wall and everyone is fighting over which seat to sit in.”
I thought the whole symposium was pretty poignant. The students seemed to be really receptive to everything too, and many came up and thanked me afterwards. I wish there had been a question period, because then it would feel more like a discussion and less like a lecture. I felt quite guilty eating a bag of chips on the subway ride home, but I ate all my pre-packed snacks during the symposium.
Wow! I just read that Gord Perks also wrote the Canadian Green Consumer Guide! I’ve used that a lot. I did try to speak with him because we sat together, but he didn’t say much and came off as quite cynical. Hopefully, we can meet again.



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2 responses to “It’s getting Hot Hot Hot

  1. Felicity

    Hi! I got to ESA and you were really inspiring. =).

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