Fast Food

The other day, I took my family, including my Mom, who is visiting from Edmonton, to a dance performance at the Textile museum. Afterward, we looked for somewhere to have dinner (with two babies) and decided upon Tim Hortons. They are the worst for anything other than the status quo. They don’t know what is in anything so if you have allergies or are vegetarian, you are SOL. Also, they can’t seem to grasp the idea of not giving any packaging. Once, at the Tim Hortons in Lawrence Square I managed to get a bagel straight on a plate, and it was a victory! I also got a smile. There were no smiles for us this time though and the bagels came wrapped,on the plate and Kyle’s coffee came in a disposable cup,even after we asked for a mug. I hate roll up the rim to win. I think it encourages bad behaviour. I think there should be prizes for bringing your own travel mug instead. Think of how many people would bring their own mugs for a free donut. Actually, I think donuts are a good incentive for many things. A lot more people would vote if there were free donuts at the polling stations. I also think “Donut Revolution” is an amazing band name, but I digress.

Today we had a busy day and a pretty long band practice to prepare for our gig this Sunday. If you are in Toronto, you can come see us at 8pm on Sunday at the Smiling Buddha. Anyhow, we stopped at Subway and I got a sub straight on the paper towel they make it on. I had to talk them through it and remind at every step “no, not another piece, no no wax paper”, but eventually I got my sub garbage free, on a soiled piece of paper towel, which I composted. Kyle on the other hand, said “it’s for here”, but they just wrapped it up in everything for him anyway. We’ve learned you have to be really, really specific. Like, at places that have both paper plates and glass plates “Can I have a real plate?” doesn’t cut it because to some people paper plates are real. I don’t blame the people working at these places for minimum wage. They have a tough job and I realize I am making it tougher.


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  1. Temari

    Dear Sarah and Kyle,
    I tryed to do what you did but my family doesn’t understand.I am still trying to recycle,reduce and reuse.thank you!!


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