Moon Bean

Yesterday when I met the students in Kensington market, we started at Moon Bean Coffee. It’s a place Kyle and I like very much and it’s easy to be garbage free there. I arrived before anyone else so I ordered myself a blueberry smoothie and a cookie. The owner was serving me and he asked if there was anything else he could help me with I said ” Yes. I don’t want anything disposable with my order, so no napkin, no straw, nothing that would make garbage”. He looked at me and said, ” I like your approach. Nice Work!”

I said “I know there was probably garbage thrown out in order to make the cookie, but..”

He uninterrupted ” No, no. It’s great, you have to start somewhere” and then he said an amazing quote that I can’t remember exactly but was something along the lines of “every journey starts with a single step.”

So I’ve added Moon Bean to Trashless Toronto. I can’t believe I had forgotten it.

PS The Yogurt company with the returnable glass jars is pinehedge farms: 1-800-668-4427 Made by the Heinzle Family


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  1. J

    and that yoghurt is amazing too. I have forgotten about it. I hope somewhere in Regina has it…

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