ho hum

Life has been marching on as per usual. I continue to bring my own cup, plate and bags when I go out. I have been getting some packaged items, like waffles, perogies and cottage cheese, but I am going to try my hand at making perogies next weekend so I’ll keep you posted on that. My garbage bin is almost full already!!! Gasp! The worst part is Kyle hasn’t contributed anything to it, but we do have a guest right now and he has put some wrappers in. Mostly it’s mine though…one grocery bag full in a week. I’m hoping to stretch one bag out for at least 2 weeks next time, and  a month the time after that. I only have 2 more weeks to go until I’m out of my first trimester and I’m hoping at that point I can eat a wider variety of things and lay off the packaged goods (crackers, perogies, waffles). Kyle has decided he is going to continue making no garbage for a year. He will only buy things with a package if he thinks he can make it into something.



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4 responses to “ho hum

  1. sweetdumpling

    packaged crakers hey? what about that recipe? i made them, but i think they were too thick..but they were nice and buttery.

    you guys continue to inspire and amaze me. keep it up!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! The homemade crackers didn’t cut it once I got pregnant. Kyle tried three different recipes- 2 made me hurl and one I didn’t even taste because I didn’t like the smell. There’s something unfortunatley special about factory made crackers. It’s very strange indeed.
    The first time I made them they were thick too. Each time they got a little thinner! It helps to poke holes in them with a fork also. I will go back to homeade crackers once the first trimester is dome (fingers crossed that that will be the end of the nausea).

  3. Blair

    Woah, hardcore Kyle! Good on ya!

    I just wanted to mention a cool product that I thought you might be interested in: this washing machine is really small, uses 90% less water than a conventional one, and uses no electricity. And it’s only forty two bucks.


    Love and kisses.

  4. sweetdumpling

    i’d like to know how that washer works. i’ve seen it before and thought about buying it, (easier and cheaper to wash diapers with), but I think you have to get the spin dryer as well, or else your clothes will come out clean, but wet.

    on another note, i had the same response to polenta that my husband decided to make when i was pregant. i came so close the throwing up at the table. not one of the finer points of pregnancy.

    thanks for the tips on the crackers. i’m going to try again with some seasonings. it makes a lot too!


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