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This morning we were on CTV, Canada AM. It was quite a pleasant experience, at least for us. I feel sorry for the host who accidentally touched my hanky when reaching to shake my hand. Ewwww. I have the end of a pretty bad cold and my hanky is pretty nasty and wet. I had been a bit worried about the long car ride to CTV first thing is the morning, but I went to bed and woke up singing James Brown, “I feel Good” and thinking about how grateful I was that I am so healthy and I’m pregnant. I think it worked! Anyhow, back on topic, the host asked me what I thought I would do to keep my trash levels down once I had a baby and I mentioned the diaper free movement. I don’t think I’ve posted about this, but one of the days I was very sick and at home moaning, the doorbell . I gingerly hobbled downstairs and opened the door to find a courier from Harper Collins. He gave me an obviously reused and reusable plastic folder with a package wrapped in newsprint and our address written in pencil (so we could erase it and use the paper again). Inside the carefully wrapped garbage free package were two books, Baby Names and the Diaper Free Baby, and a card from Kate,(a woman I have been in touch with about the possibility of writing a saynototrash book) saying congrats on my pregnancy. It was such a wonderful present! The Diaper Free book was helpful and erased any doubts I had about the movement. I am really excited to try it! After our brief appearance on Canada AM, one of the technicians asked me for more information on being diaper-free as he and his wife are expecting. So exciting!

 When we got home, there was a Rogers Serviceman here to combine our phone and internet service. It’s lucky that I am finished the project because I would surely be back at day one. He left such a cash of trash! Everything came in plastic wrap and weird plastic boxes inside more boxes inside more plastic wrap. I decided to email Roger’s and complain. If I don’t hear anything back from then within a week, I will also call. Here’s a copy of my e-mail:

Dear Rogers

We just had a Roger’s technician come to our home to combine our phone and internet and to upgrade our modem. We were very pleased with his service and also with the option to combine our bills.
I only have one complaint and here it is. We were left with an insane amount of garbage! Everything came in a little baggie with a twists tie and plastic and cardboard. Even our user guide is wrapped in plastic! I was very surprised and disappointed to see all of this, especially in a time where global warming and caring for the planet is in the forefront of everyone’s thoughts.
Why can’t the packaging be reduced? What is Roger’s doing for the environment?
I would appreciate a response as soon as possible.
  Sincerely, Sarah McGaughey



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3 responses to “Communication Technology

  1. J

    I am glad you emailed Rogers. We all need to begin asking companies: What are YOU doing for the environment???

  2. Rebecca

    EC rocks. aka diaper free… elimination communication. It’s hokey, I know, but I like the short abbreviation. We’ve been using it with cloth diaper backup since our babe was a newborn (she’s now 18 months old). Congrats on your pregnancy. If you’re interested in finding diaper covers made of natural fibres, check out wool. I love them the most, they require very infrequent washing, and they aren’t plastic, polyurethane, nylon etc based. There’s a buy/sell/swap forum called that you can join if you want to buy used diapering stuff directly from other parents, hence cutting down on the manufacturing process waste and energy consumption from creating a new item. If you’re breastfeeding (which I hope you do… it can be hard but it’s worth the effort) then you can even wash/rinse your diapers that are only peed in by hand for at least the first 6 months, probably longer, since the pee has no smell until much later. Those old fashioned flat diapers are awesome, I think, because they’re easy to hand wash and they can be hung to dry and dry in a reasonable amount of time (as opposed to prefolds or other, many-layered diapers). Good luck with everything, and I love what you’re doing. Congrats.


  3. Rebecca

    I forgot about this last night, but you can make cloth diapers out of recycled flannel sheets. If you have access to an overlock machine, serging the edges is the quickest and easiest way to finish them, but you could also use a zigzag stitch from a regular sewing machine close to the edge. If neither of those work hemming works too.

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