I really did it!!!!!!!

Friday was my 31st day of making no garbage! I really didn’t think it was possible, but I guess it is! Yaaaaaay! Kyle is continuing until March because of a beer cap he got on February 1st.

My limit on recycling got harder to abide by once I was pregnant and wanting gingerale and juice, but I still did it (just barely-as you can see here, my container is as full as it can get!)


Yesterday I went to Sobeys and bought some things I had been craving that came in packages : waffles, ravioli, crackers, cream cheese, perogies, juice and sorbet. I still put it in my own bag, but it felt weird buying packaged items. I felt like every one was watching me. On my way home, there was a siren and I was sure it was the garbage police!

I also walked to the Mall and bought myself some new pajamas. That also felt very weird, not just because of the little plastic tag, but because I haven’t bought anything new in so long, and they are also not fair trade or organic. Yes, I know, I am a bad person. I think I got it out of my system now.

So where do I go from here? I still want to make as little garbage as possible, but I am going to get organic milk again and some other things like that. We are going to date our garbage can so we keep track of how much we our throwing out over the course of the year and I am hoping to keep it down to the equivalent of one black (or green) garbage bag full. I also really want to write companies and try to get these three problems solved:

1. Tooth floss. Why can’t we make biodegradeable toothfloss and if it really can’t be done, are there good alternatives (like the runner picks on the end of old tooth brushes)

2. Crackers

Why can’t you get them bulk or at least in more eco-friendly packaging. You can get almost everything else in bulk. I really want to convince someone to make crackers bulk too.

3. Juice

I used to drink water all the time- tap water with a slice of lemon. If I wanted a treat I would make juice. Now that I’m pregnant, I can’t drink water (really, I puke it up- may be it’s the fluoride?) and juicing enough juice to drink all the time is a big big job. I buy juice in glass containers and reuse them when I can, but there are only so many that I need. I know glass recycling is better than some other materials, but I would rather not have a new bottle every time. Why does juice not come in a big vat that we can fill our containers with?

I’ll continue to post about our progress here, but my 31 hard core days are done!!! My sister told her co worker what I was doing and the co-worker said “Isn’t that a disorder?” Sometimes being so extreme seemed like a disorder, but I hope someday it won’t be so extreme to make no garbage, it will just be normal. Ha, then I’ll be normal too!!!!!! Just imagine…….



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14 responses to “I really did it!!!!!!!

  1. congratulations sweetie! this is so great! I’m so proud of you. and, I’ve been learning a lot from you lately too.


  2. burbinski

    Way to go! Thanks for the for the journey, its been a wonderful time. Thanks to you folks my own garbage creation has been reduced even further. Also because of your undertaking I find myself asking “how much garbage does this create” when I’m about to do something or when purchasing I try to find items with reduce packaging . And your endeavour has led me to the “100 mile diet” which I hope to start this spring. Once again thank you

  3. Thanks so much guys. I really couldn’t have done it without your support. Keep me posted about the 100 mile diet. I’m really interested in that.

  4. Blair

    Congratulations, Sarah and Kyle! You’re amazing! Inspirational! Weirdy-beardies of the best, highest order! I love you!

  5. Congratulations Sarah! Especially while pregnant. (Your perception of the whole world changes for you when you’re pregnant, eh?)

    Well done. You’re a shining example of something that’s right in this crazy making place.

  6. Bette Mueller

    Congratulations, Sarah! – for 31 days without garbage and for being pregnant. Gord and I are telling our students about your achievement. Good luck with the 9 month project.


  7. J

    Congrats! I hope this doesn’t mean you will stop blogging. You are an inspiration and I have passed your blog address onto many folks who are looking for alt solutions as you are.
    Once the consumers make demands, who knows what will happen!
    Good luck with all of your initiatives.

    and the pregnancy. That is too bad that you are barfing up water. yikes.

  8. Evelyn Saungikar

    Re: water – try leaving it in the fridge in an uncapped container, which lets the chlorine evaporate out. I do this for my plants (don’t refrigerate it though) – they are much healthier that way.

  9. Evelyn Saungikar

    Also re: juice – what about taking your own container to a juice bar? Or Orange Julius? Let them fill it up for you?

    Maybe they’ll give you a discount because you bring your own container, and maybe if you talk it up on your blog/media outlets, it would also help? (Can’t hurt to ask)

  10. Thanks Evelyn! You have so many awesome suggestions. Thanks so much for being so involved:)

  11. Anna


    You rock! I am so proud of you. Don’t feel guilty about the pajamas and ravioli; you deserve a treat!

  12. Jen

    Sorry, I was away and missed this post – just wanted to echo all of the above congratulations! And moreover, congratulations on making your project visible, and continuing it. Here’s a toast of gingerale to us all following your example – with so many people on the shore throwing back the starfish, things will work for sure. (Ok, that was really cheesy!) By the way, I’m not sure if there’s anywhere that still does it, but I remember when I lived in Yellowknife (um, about twenty years ago now!) one of the supermarkets had a ‘bulk’ fizzy drinks machine where you used your own bottle. Don’t know if there’s one in Toronto, sorry!

  13. fffgggg

    hey umm.. I’m doing dis school project do u guys know why it is important to not have garbage an what changes not having garbage does and who it affects?

    thank you,

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