oh frozen goodness

I have been really wanting some sorbet or frozen yogurt. A few days ago, I took a walk to Sobys (I’ve found walking sometimes helps with my nausea) and looked at all the frozen desserts. I had one in my hand that was real fruit sorbet in cardboard. I asked two grocers and they thought that there was no other packaging inside. As I was standing in line, I managed to hold the container so I could look inside without actually opening it, and I’m pretty sure I saw….plastic! So, I didn’t buy it and I left the store sadly. I did buy a variety of fruit without stickers and I made myself a smoothie which was almost as good.

Yesterday was a complete write-off as I spent most of the day moaning and puking up everything I tried to eat. Today I felt a lot better and we went to metro hall to get our new metro passes. On the way there, we saw a frozen yogurt place, so on the way back I tried to get some just in a cone, but then we found out they measure it in a disposable cup and then throw it out. I asked if there was any way should could give me the cone of frozen yogurt without throwing anything away in the process and she said no, so I said thanks anyway and left. As we were walking away, I turned around to find the cashier and her friend staring after us in astonishment, as if we were aliens! Oh how I wanted that frozen yogurt!

A friend of my sisters offered us an icecream machine. I hope we really get it…..mmmmm frozen goodness.



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2 responses to “oh frozen goodness

  1. Anna

    Easy, garbage-free frozen goodness:

    1. Slice bananas.
    2. Freeze in a layer on cookie sheets
    3. When frozen, blend in food processor.

    This makes a nice sorbet – it actually turns creamy with just the bananas. Magic! If you don’t have a food processor you can just eat the frozen slices, tasty though not as magical.

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