Down the Rabbit Hole

down_the_rabbit_hole.jpgThis project is about not making any garbage, but of course I learned about and got interested in many other issues along the way.

One of the criticisms I have gotten about saynototrash was that I sometimes mention things that don’t relate exactly to garbage-like saving water. I plead guilty as accused! I sometimes get interested in other ways to try and make this world, or at least my life…better. Once I started asking questions, I found… more questions. Life definitely got more inconvenient once I found out what my convenience was costing other people and the planet. Here are some of the not exactly garbage related issues that I became interested in.

Sweat Shop Free Labour

I don’t want to create garbage but I also don’t want to support an industry that’s abusing desperate people (children) so when I can, I buy sweat shop free, and when I can’t, I buy second hand.

Buying Locally

I found it was much easier to buy things package free if I went more grass roots and bought and farmers markets, craft sales, etc. There are also many economic, political and health benefits to buying food locally.

Food Irradiation

To make things easier, I’m just going to quote myself from my old blog….

“Basically for the past 30 years, most produce that comes over the border gets treated with nuclear radiation to kill bacteria and bugs and also stop the produce from being able to regenerate-this is why all of us to have tried to sprout avocado seeds have had no luck at all. This includes organic produce. Of course there are links between this process and the up-rise of cancer. I tried to find out more info but no one seems to know anything. I was surprised at how many activists and organic gurus had no idea it was going on. Instead of finding information I just succeeded in spreading the little information I did know and horrifying people. Oh yes, I am always such a ball of sunshine! The info on food irradiation is not really hidden, if you know exactly what to look for but it is also a far cry from public knowledge. Here’s a few sites I found that give more info. Of course all the government sites say its proven to be totally safe, but to me putting the words “safe” and “nuclear” together is oxy moronic! ”…n/canada.html…ndex_e.html


What can I say, I’m a crunchy earth muffin. Organic food taste better. Organic clothes feel better. If you ever want to buy me a present, anything from Rawganique would be awesome (especially the Aubry inspired designs)

Saving water and energy

I’ve talked about this a bit before, but we reuse our bath water to flush the toilet with. Right now our kitchen sink drips, so I put a Tupperware in the sink to catch the drips and I water the plants with it.

We try to turn the computer off when we are not using it, as well as lights, and for energy saving romance, sometimes we light our pure beeswax candles.

We no longer use the fan to dry our plastic bags after we wash them. Now Kyle does ti chi with them and then we leave them on the counter to dry.

Sustainable Housing

OK, so I was interested in this before, but I am even more interested now. We really want to build a Cob house somewhere near a body of water and live totally off the grid.
Kyle and I helped to build a Cob bench with David Sheen a few summers ago so now we feel like we kind of know how to do it. If you are interested in Cob take a look at the cob oven and kitchenette in Dufferin Grove Park.



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2 responses to “Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. talexiuk

    I just had a thought. Do you use a dryer, and if so, what do you do with dryer lint?

  2. We don’t usually use the dryer. I have heard of artists putting stencils in the dryer lint catcher and making portraits of celebrities with it. I also think that it can go in the green bin in Toronto.

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