Sorry I haven’t posted a while. I’m just trying to deal with this whole nausea (that’s as far as I got before having to run to the toilet to eject my oatmeal. I’ll try again now) thing. Looking at the computer doesn’t make it any better, so I don’t get on very often.

As far as no garbage goes, I only have 5 more days to go until I’ve reached my goal of 31 days in a row. I have to tell you I’m looking forward to buying some soda crackers and may be some flannel pajamas.

I have reached my recycling limit. I thought I was going to be well under, but then I got pregnant. The bin is now filled with ginger ale cans and bottles. I never did find a store near by that had it in the fountain.

On Friday, we walked to the subway to avoid taking the bus (uggggh bus) and we met up with Maureen (my sister), Andrew(her husband) and a big group of friends at Pauper’s Pub for Andrews birthday. The waiter at Paupers was amazing about the no garbage project and came back to ask questions, like “is a piece of lime OK?”, “should I bring you cutlery without the napkins?” before bringing us anything. He wasn’t teasing us either, he was sincere! It was great. A waitress came to our table and stood in front of me for a few minutes. Finally she said ” I hear you are making no garbage and I want to know about it”. So I talked to her about the project and she seemed genuinely interested. Then I managed to eat a whole tasty meal ( a Brazilian salad with pumpkin seeds and mustard dressing) and drink a cranberry juice and it stayed down! It was a great night. I felt good for about 5 hours!!!! It was a great garbage free and puke free outing! Hooorah!



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  1. J

    I am not sure if this question has been asked in the past, but what do you use for a toothbrush? I have been trying to buy toothbrushes that have removable heads & buy the replacements.


  2. J
    It has, but no problem. We buy Fuch’s biodegradable tooth brushes. I have also been looking for a place to purchase a middle eastern tree whose branches you can use to brush your teeth. This blog has a cool function where you can type in a word into the search and it will take you to all the posts that talk about that thing. Anyhow I won’t make you search now, because that just seems kind of mean. If you want more info you can look at my post called “what I do in the bathroom;)”

  3. I was thinking about your issue in not being able to find a soda fountain with ginger ale. Have you considered making your own? I found an article on on how to make your own ginger ale, and of course a Google search found lots of other methods.

    Good luck, and congrats! 🙂

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