gdiaper swirly patternSomeone wrote me (Thank you!) about Gdiapers and I had to pass the info on. They are a totally flush-able biodegradable diaper from Australia. At first I didn’t buy it-flushing can be just as harmful as throwing things in the landfill, but after reading all the info, I am sold. I would still like to try the diaper free method and if we can’t do that, then we will at least use cloth diapers, but for travelling and times where it is more difficult to use cloth, Gdiapers is a good alternative. They are very cute too, though a little expensive ($24.99 for a starter kit including 2 pairs of reusable pants and 10 flush-able liners). Perhaps someone will give us a starter kit for a shower gift! Either way, I think it’s worth it.



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4 responses to “Gdiapers

  1. blair

    “diaper free” has always struck me as a somewhat troubling notion, one that may involve a whole lot of pee and poo all over everything…correct me if I’m wrong?

  2. You’re wrong:) Diaper Free( isn’t really an appropriate name because it’s not totally true. It’s also called eliminatation communication which makes a bit more sense but is not as catchy! Here’s ho wit works. The baby wears cloth diapers but doesn’t need many (may be 2 a day) because they don’t usually soil them. The idea is that you learn to pick up signs from your baby that they have to go to the bathroom, and when it happens you sweep them away to a potty or toilet (from birth onward). When they are able to be more independant and can crawl or walk, they will just naturally seek out the potty themselves. It’s pretty amazing and the parent and child really bond because they are communicating.

  3. J

    i’ve seen reusable (as in washable) diapers @ Value Village before.

  4. Thanks for mentioning gDiapers. My wife and I founded the biz. While I am an Aussie, my wife is Canadian and we are working really hard at getting them into your neck of the woods.

    I take my hat off to you for your wonderful challenge.

    You rock!

    dad/ CEO

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