Only 8 more days to go- knock on wood quick!

I am a true believer in jinxes, and so I hesitate to write this post, but I am going ahead with it because I think it’s time to post and I’m not sure what else to say!

Earlier today I was telling someone that I hadn’t puked all day. As soon as I got off the phone, I barfed up my lunch! I really should have knocked on wood. Anyhow I have learned my lesson and I am currently knocking on wood with one hand whilst typing with the other.  I only have 8 more days to go before I’ve reached my goal of 31 days in a row garbage free!!! I really didn’t think it was possible but I may prove myself wrong. My recycling can is filling up- I’ve almost reached my limit, mostly with ginger-ale cans and bottles.

If we accomplish 31 days in a row, we will then bring back our garbage can, but hopefully not to be filled immediately! We will continue tracking our garbage for the year to see how much we make. I am hoping to keep it down to about 1 garbage bag for the year.

I have to admit, my limit to recycling hasn’t really made a difference in the amount of household recycling that goes out. We share a house with 5 other people (divided into apartments) and the recycling boxes are just as full, if not more so, than when I was contributing.


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One response to “Only 8 more days to go- knock on wood quick!

  1. Anna

    Yaaaay Sarah!! You can do it, you’re a cracker jack!

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