I’d ask for some cheese with my whine but I don’t know that I could keep it down

I have updated Trashless Toronto, by adding some restaurants. If anyone has any suggestion of restaurants that are good for the no garbage cause-let me know- I only have three.

I am on the 19th day of making no garbage (except for medical- yah yah, I know, it’s not so hard-core) and I have to tell you being pregnant makes it a lot harder. Since the doctor gave me some vitamins, I haven’t been puking, but I am still always nauseous and it’s hard to find things I can eat. I’m hungry. I want soda crackers and we keep trying to make different recipes but they just don’t cut it! I also want ravioli and I don’t know how to find it sans package- may be I should try some Italian delis. The problem is that now everything seems so immediate. Suddenly I’m nauseous and crampy and hungry and I just know the blah blah will make it better but it takes time to find the blah blah without a package and it may not even exist. Last night I was rolling around in agony and Kyle was trying to help but everything he brought up for me to eat made me more nauseous. I had a brain wave ” I think I can eat Ethiopian” and he said “Let’s get take out”. I sadly said ” we can’t. Think of all the garbage!” I wish Styrofoam was illegal. I wish take out places used real dishes and came back later to pick them up, like they do in Korea. I wish more people (businesses, governments) cared about the environment so this project wasn’t so hard to do and so it wouldn’t have to be a project, but could just be a normal way of life. Oh I wish, I wish… I’m going to make it though. I’ll continue eating my dry toast and get my ginger ale from a fountain.



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6 responses to “I’d ask for some cheese with my whine but I don’t know that I could keep it down

  1. Sarah

    Will the Ethiopian take out let you bring your own dishes? I think you are totally hard-core, good for you! Keep up the good work!

  2. J

    I completeley agree: styrofoam should be illegal. I had a sad thought the other sad remebering when I lived in residence while going to school at UBC. 2 of my roomates were the typical younger students who didn’t have the time to cook (or didn’t care to) and bought everything at cafeteria style restaraunts….there was litterally, up to 5-10 packages of styrofoam in the garbage everyday. Yes, everyday…everyday for the 8 mos. I lived there. It made me sad. And it is difficult to comment on someone else’s lifestyle. I didn’t. I could have been passive agressive & posted an info. bulletin or something about styrofoam on the fridge….
    styrofoam is angering & not needed anymore in this world!

  3. For what it’s worth, styrofoam can be taken to local “environment days” in Toronto.

    We often will bring our own containers to restaurants and have the food put in them. (I know, when you want the food NOW, it’s a pain to go in advance and wait to have it cooked.)

    I found out, too late in my pregnancy for my liking, that lemons greatly reduced the nausea. Eating or even smelling lemon.

    Good luck!

  4. Thanks Miche
    Unfortunately I keep puking up lemons! YUCK!

  5. Urgh. Sorry to hear that. Pregnancy is like parenthood… what works for one doesn’t work for all!

    Hope you find something that works soon!

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