Toronto Living

There will be a segment about me on Toronto tommorrow today at 1pm.( I wrote this yesterday but accidentally just saved it without publishing it-D’oh!) We’re not sure if we can figure out the timer on the VCR, so if you have a VCR and a used blank tape, live in Toronto and will be watching tomorrow today, could you tape it for us please? If all goes well we will be practicing for our gig tomorrow night tonight. Today yesterday I was too sick to practice but I’m hoping I will be better tomorrow. UUUG, gotta go vomit.

Oh P.S. I had to get blood tests today yesterday and I am currently sporting a cotton swab and a bandaid on my arm, we probably means I should start the clock over, so yesterday was day 14, but today is day one again. Sob sob. So close, yet so far away.



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2 responses to “Toronto Living

  1. The cotton swab is compostable, at least. Maybe next time you could ask for cotton tape too, and then the whole thing could be composted. I’m assuming the small amount of adhesive would eventually degrade as well.

  2. Jen

    I like the suggestion above. Or alternatively you could use your handkerchief to keep the cotton swab in place.

    But this raises an interesting question… the medical industry. For more safety reasons than the sealable lids on organic milk, there is an amazing amount of garbage produced when we get sick or try to get well. How much of that is really necessary? Gone are the days of the autoclave to sterilize most medical equipment, which are now, and I’m sure we all shudder to hear this, single-use and disposable. Granted, medical science has made advances, but to what extent is some of it just our paranoia of what needs to be super-clean before it can touch us? That I unfortunately can’t answer.

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