Egg Conditioner

I interrupt my regular schedule of feeling nauseous, laying down, cancelling plans, sleeping, puking, feeling nauseous….. for an important newscast.

Egg Conditioner works! I whipped one egg with a cup of water and half a teaspoon of olive oil and got lovely brushable hair to show off to Kyle, Gris Gris and my most faithful companion of late, the toilet. Boy I sure love to hug that toilet. Anyhow, I got the recipe from the Pioneer Thinking site and it has other good ones too. Time to go, toilet and bed are calling- have to make a crucial decision.



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4 responses to “Egg Conditioner

  1. J

    Just thinking out loud here…
    if someone were a vegan and were to try this recipe would that be “breaking” the vegan rules? Or does it not count because the person is not consuming the egg?
    Just a quandry:)

  2. Daryl

    um yes, that wouldn’t be vegan. even though you are not eating the egg, you are still consuming it, paying for it’s production, and by proxy, for the animal’s incarceration.

  3. yeah, sorry not vegan. I fell off the vegan wagon as soon as I found out I was allergic to soy but not dairy anymore. I just can’t get enough of Grilled Cheeses. Sorry Darryl:) I’ll try to find some good vegan conditioner recipes for those of you still fighting the good fight. My eggs are free range and the farmer hugs the chickens, if that makes you feel any better (it makes me feel better)

  4. Jen

    This reminds me of trying to make my own hair spray over the summer – lemon juice, sugar and water. Works well, actually! You just have to use it before the lemon juice goes off. 😉

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