Brain Cheese

Kyle went back to the cheese store and asked if he could get cheese without any packaging, so they gave him the organic chedder, but they also said that every cheese comes in plastic. So do we have to only get the organic chedder? Even when we buy that one, there is plastic being thrown out-it just happens at the store instead of at out home. The bulk cheese is still better because there is a very big block wrapped in one piece of plastic, rather than buying smaller individually wrapped blocks at a store, but it’s started my brain working. How far should no garbage go? Are we making any difference? It seems like, unless we grow and make all of our own stuff, there is going to be garbage along the way, and if we grew it, could we get seeds without a package. UUUGH my brain hurts.



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5 responses to “Brain Cheese

  1. If you look at it as a permanent change then I’d have to agree with you…unless you make and grow all of your own stuff you’d be stuck with garbage of some sort. Though…once you have the plants, most seeds can be saved and replanted without having to buy them. Check

    But, you’ve managed to open the eyes of a lot of people to the idea that we should all be more aware of the garbage we are generating, and that we can actually change to make less of an impact. As well, you seem to already have a very small garbage output compared to most, if we could all get down to what you considered normal before the project…think of the impact we’d make.

    I’m rooting for both you and Kyle to make it the whole month. Keep it up!

  2. Hi Sarah,

    On behalf of the MFA Sculpture students at Concordia, I’d like to thank you and Kyle for visiting us and speaking about your project a couple weeks ago. It’s inspiring to meet others that are concerned about the same issues! Keep it up!


  3. Jen

    There is hidden waste in everything – I assume that bulk products come in some sort of disposable container, be it cloth or plastic, but something must be thrown out along the way, no? It is a depressing thought, and there always will be something that, in the end, gets thrown away (or at best, sent to recycling), but don’t stop with your endeavour! I think that you and others can at least raise awareness on the individual level, and hopefully on the corporate level. That latter definitely needs a wake-up call – there can be no good reason why tea bags, cookies, or sticks of gum must be individually wrapped, then packaged in plastic, then wrapped again. What’s next? Individually wrapped slices of bread? Pieces of spaghetti? Hopefully we’ll get to the point, sooner rather than later, of seriously questioning the value of our culture of convenience.

    As for the cheese itself – there must be some point at which the cheese isn’t wrapped, perhaps you could either go to the store at that point, or leave a container with them in which they could put your cheese. Seems extreme, but it just goes to show again what lengths one has to go to to avoid needless waste.

  4. sublimenigma’s comments are right on the money. In the world’s current state, it is impossible for the average person to go 100% trash free forever. That doesn’t mean I think you should give up. Your efforts are showing the rest of us that we can all contribute to waste reduction. Imagine if every second person walked into the cheese shop and asked for little to no packaging. This would send a strong message to retailers and manufacturers that people are concerned about excess packaging and want businesses to make a change. What you are doing is forcing us to think about the trash we produce as individuals and showing us that we can reduce that amount considerably. Keep it up Sarah! You’re doing a phenomenal thing.

  5. Thanks for all the support!!! I won’t give up. I’ve actually gone the longest ever without a piece of trash-12 days!!! The longest I had gone in the two years I tried before was 6. Wooohooo-only 19 more to go.
    Don’t worry, I won’t binge when I’m done. I am looking forward to being able to eat butter again though. Margarine equals Ick!

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