I want to rant, but instead I’ll tell you the good news

I had a very crappy start to the day and I may get into it later, but first check out this site http://www.treehugger.com/ They linked to us and they are very very cool. I want to find out how to become more involved.

My friend Anna has started her garbage free week in Regina, Saskatchewan. Check out her blog about it http://kitty-booboo.livejournal.com/

Tip of the day:If you want to join on and try to do no garbage, set a date in the future for your self and try to use up items with garbage before that date-other wise your trashy past will come back to haunt you!Ok I have to run, but more later.



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2 responses to “I want to rant, but instead I’ll tell you the good news

  1. Jessica

    Wow – I’m very impressed with your endevour. I am adding your blog to my bloglines and I hope to encourage you along the way. I’ll also be linking you to my live journal.

    Best of luck and I’ll give you any suggestions I can – I see you’ve been covered on the hair clippings many times!!

    Portland, Oregon

  2. J

    Ques: If I were to start a “No garbage week” should I wait until I discard the garbage-like items in my cupboard (ie: the plastic my cereal comes in, inside the cardboard box)? Or is that cheating?

    P.S. you are totally inspiring. I’d like to try 1 week without garbage, or even more!

    Regina, Sask

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