Holy Crap!

Thank you so much to all 600 of you who read this blog today!

I was starting to get really discouraged about this project and that led to just being discouraged and sad about everything, but you guys have cheered me up. Thanks for all your support! I’m not even going to rant about my bad day now, because it doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

I’ve been learning about more and more people aiming for the same goal (no garbage) and it’s so inspiring. It’s also a great relief- I’m not a weirdy beardy all by myself-there’s an army of us. There’s a woman names Karen Buck in the beaches area in Toronto who is trying to go garbage-free with her entire family. Also Kris Scheur is documenting her own attempt at a trashless lifestyle in the Town Crier.

On to other exciting garbage news, people have been telling me about a branch that is used in the Middle East instead of a toothbrush. One of the names is meswaak, but I’ve heard it called at least 3 other things. Apparently it is available in Toronto, hopefully without packaging. You bite off the end and the inside is like bristles, pre-gooed with toothpaste (which is really the sap).

Yesterday was our week anniversary of no garbage at all! Unfortunately Kyle ended up with some plastic around the cheese from cheese magic. He bought a different kind, and when he asked if he could get it without any garbage, they said no, so he didn’t realize you can actually get a different kind without any garbage (the organic cheddar is safe). Anyhow our rules are different. For me, it’s no garbage no matter what (which may actually land me in the pysch ward where I’m sure tones of garbage will be created), but Kyle is a bit more reasonable and balanced so he can give his garbage a new life, and it doesn’t count as long as it can be used again. The cheese plastic will be made into a cat toy. I’m not going to start the clock again because it’s not my cheese( though I must confess I had a few slices in my sandwhich today-perhaps I should change my name to “Sarah McCheaty”).

I still haven’t found conditioner in refillable bottles. I could technically just get conditioner and recycle the bottle, but I don’t want to, so I’ve been going without. It’s not as bad as I thought- my hair is a bit tangly, but as long as I keep it back, it’s not unmanageable.



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5 responses to “Holy Crap!

  1. Hey Sarah! Good news….you can refill your conditioner at Grassroots! There are lots to choose from – and all natural, too! Yay! Just bring your empty bottles and we’ll refill ’em 🙂

    Have a great day!
    Jenny Vasiloff

  2. J

    Even if the garbage is reused in a clever way, it will still end up as garbage someday…right?
    Sometimes I think the only way to get out of this garbage producing mess is to move out into the middle of nowhere, grow your own food…survive on/with very little.

  3. Jenny
    The conditioners at Grassroots all leave my hair a waxy mess! I really wish I could use them- Lush has a solid conditioner too, but it’s the same deal. I can’t can’t the brush through and if I can and I can’t get it out. It’s kind of cool because after using those conditioners, I can sculpt my hair into any sort of shape I want, but it makes me feel like a grease ball.

    J Yes I suppose at some point garbage may end up in the land fill (if it’s not recyclable) but giving it a longer life so not as much lands in landfill is a good thing. Also you asked about waiting to start no garbage until you had thrown out the plastic cereal box-it is a good idea. If you eat all that cereal and find bulk cereal with nothing to throw out, before you start the project then it’s not cheating!:)

  4. I found you through a link via hipmama.com/blog. I just thought I’d let you know that you can use diluted white or applecider vinegar as a conditioner, It works great!

  5. Thanks, I’ll try that. I once read that almond oil worked well, but it was awful. My head was such a grease ball!
    BTW I love the Hip Mama site. I’ve been recommending it to my pregnant friends.

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