oh nooooooo!

Welcome to day two of absolutely no garbage, again! The day before yesterday, I got a straw at a bar in Montreal, which set the garbage clock back one more time. I am usually pretty vigilant about saying “no straw” but I was so caught up in ordering in French that I forgot! A friend of a friend took the straw to make it into a broach for me. She makes art from garbage too!

My friend Cara asked me to come to Concordia and speak to the sculpture graduate students about this project. It was amazing to talk to people who fully recognized what I am doing as art-in-life performance art! Everyone was very interested and listened attentively until it was time to ask questions. They had many intellegent and thoughtful questions. The only time I was interrupted was when I said I really wasn’t sure if we could meet our goal and it was beginning to look impossible, at which point 12 people cried out various forms of “no, it is possible! You can do it!” Awwww, our very own cheering squad!

We already aired on The hour-you can see it at http://www.cbc.ca/thehour/video.php?id=1332

Today we will be on CBC News Hour at 4pm. Check out the publicity page above for more info.



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3 responses to “oh nooooooo!

  1. burbinski

    Just in case you missed it I wanted to let you know that on Thursday on page A2 in the Globe they had an article about a couple in the Ottawa area that are virtually garbage free for the last several years. If remember, they only produced two bags of trash for the whole of last year. Anyways I thought you may find the article of interest.

    Keep up the great work. Since coming across this blog a few weeks back, my own creation of garbage has been cut back drastically. I think about you folks everytime I go to purchase, cook or clean something and if it is creating garabge and if so how can I do it without creating garbage.

    Once again thanks for the inspiration and motivation.

  2. burbinski

    No, the article wasn’t about you folks unless I’ve been in a time capsule and just woke up and you guys have been married for 41 years. lol I wasn’t able to get the full article from the web but here is the first bit. Its frome Thursday’s edition of the Globe.

    With single bag of garbage couple proves it is ‘possible to make real change’

    E-mail Roy MacGregor
    | Read Bio
    | Latest Columns
    More than three months to go and Hugh Robertson already has the gift picked out for his April 30 wedding anniversary.A bag of garbage.Only it won’t be going to Jo-Anne, his wife of 41 years, but to the planet — a gift from the two of them to show the rest of us that it can indeed be done.

  3. Thanks Burbinski!
    That’s awesome. I’m going to go to the library and try to get the article. I would like to contact them. It’s great to see it’s possible for people to totally reduce. I’m really starting to think it’s impossible to make absolutely zero garbage, in an urban environment,but we shall see. I hope I’m wrong!

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