Bearded Lady

Last night I dreamed that I had grown a soft beard (like cat fur) and a little moustache. I wasn’t happy about it and was trying to make a doctor’s appointment to see if anything could be done. Today I clicked on a blog that was linked to me and discovered I have been called a “weirdy beardy”. Coincidence. I think not.
Speaking of links, check out the blog roll. I have linked to the people who have linked to me in support. So many people are doing very similar projects. Yaaay for community!
Back to hair, lots of you have written to me with suggestions of what I can do with hair clippings. They can be worm composted as well as put in a regular composter for extra fiber. Thanks so much for all your suggestions! Now I can finally cut my hair (or shave my beard)!



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3 responses to “Bearded Lady

  1. Anna

    Dear Sarah, I am jealous of your bearded lady dream. I want to be a weirdy beardy too! So I am starting my garbage free week next week. I will start on Tuesday because that’s when my week starts. These will be my rules:

    1. Try not to produce any garbage.
    2. Before throwing anything out, think very hard about whether I can recycle it or make anything out of it.
    3. Anything that does get thrown out, I will write down to keep track of.

    As for the hair clippings, you can also sprinkle them around the garden to keep rabbits and other critters away from your produce.

  2. Tyler B.

    I don’t remember if you are aware of this or were planning to but you can donate your hair to be made into wigs for kids in chemo. Sean does this.

  3. Tyler
    Thanks for commenting!
    I plan on doing that when I finally really cut my hair (after it grows as long as it can), but they need at least 10 inches. The little bits of hair I didn’t know what to do with (but now I’m composting) were just trimmings. Kyle is sending you some stuff (don’t worry, it’s not garbage).

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