First Day!

Today I woke up after 4 hours of sleep and went to the CBC to be on the Gillian Deacon Show. As soon as I got there, the security gave me a sticker!!!! So I’m going to make it into a Thank you card and send it to the show. I hope they don’t throw it out. They had styrofoam cups in the green room, but I had brought my thermos so I was fine. I also had to go rescue the makeup sponge from the garbage, but all in all it was a good experience. Gillian is an environmentalist herself and the set of the show was really cool. Also the other guests were amazing. There was a man talking about the diaper-free movement- mind blowing stuff!

Then Kyle and I went on CKRB 1010 for the Carole and Paul Mott show and narrowly escaped getting a cup of juice! Woah! Anyhow, mostly it was a successful day! Except for the security sticker, which I’m sure I can make into something, we made it through day one! Yaaaay!



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2 responses to “First Day!

  1. I agree with Gill, that using a fan to dry plastic bags doesn’t seem logical.
    I have a little lingerie hanger from the dollar store, which is basically a round piece of plastic with 10 little clothespins hanging around the rim and a large hook to hang the whole thing up. It usually hangs over the sink until it finishes dripping (5 minutes) then finishes drying from either the shower curtain rod, or from a cupboard door handle,(overnight) or outside when the weather is good.
    I took a picture, but see that I can’t send it through this venue.

    I congratulate you for being an advocate for No-Trash. This is something that we “aging hippies” from the 60’s and 70’s have been trying to advocate for during the last thirty years. Perhaps your generation will finally make it.

    My rule of thumb when confronted with a garbage or potentially wasteful situation is to ask myself:
    “How did Grandma do it??” (or for your generation – Great Grandma)

    Our society USED to have less wasteful skills, we just have to re-learn them.

  2. Actually since the critcism from Gill last Wednesday, we have stopped doing it. We put them on the fan, turn it on for a second so they are not stuck together and then just leave them there to dry. Kyle also does a kind of bag ti chi where he dances around to air them out (pics come soon).
    I agree that we just need to look to the past for skills. That’s why working at a historic house has been so helpful to me. I have never claimed to be doing something new and appreciate greatly what other generations have done.
    PS I’m getting so many strange comments about my youth, I feel like I just need to let everyone know, I am older than I look. I was born in 1977.

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