The Last Supper

Our friends Maz and Tomoko came over for dinner tonight- for our last supper that could generate any sort of garbage. I used up the filo pastry making kublyka so we could throw out the plastic-no more filo for a month (at least!) Kyle is convinced that it will only take us one month to get one month garbage free, but if we accidentally get any garbage, we have to start again at day one, so while I am hoping it will only take a month, I am ready for the fact that it may be a bit longer. We also used up the butter, because of the foil wrapping. Oh butter, how I will miss you! Kyle bought beer for everyone (except me, since I don’t drink) and also pop and chips for himself.

kyle with his last bag of chips

After Maz and Tomoko left we ran around the house making sure there was no garbage, took the last bag of garbage out,last trashtrashgarbage outlast-night-of-trash-021.jpg

as well as the recycling. I think we had that same bag for more than two weeks which is amazing since I was thinking we might binge before we started. Kyle and Bry helped to drink the last of the bottled beer since the caps are not recyclable.

We discovered today that the tooth floss we have is not biodegradable and we couldn’t locate any, so unless we do, we may be going without toothfloss for a month (or making yucky bracelets!). Just in case, we both flossed our teeth very well, just before midnight.

flossing We used to actually flush it but we recently discovered that is very bad. It gets stuck in the filtering system and they have to shut the whole plant down.

I bought a big bottle of contact lenses solution and discovered that Bausch & Lomb have changed the packaging so there is less. Instead of having an instructional insert, it’s all written on the box. The only garbage was a tiny piece of plastic on top.

So with shiny clean garbage can, which I will use for recycling only, we are ready to go!

garbage can speech

(when I was cleaning the garbage can, I discovered that it was trying to tell us something!)



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  1. Cale Fair

    Hey guys!

    Just wanted to say thanks for joining us on the show today…It’s people like you that make this world a better place to live!

    Take care


    (CFRB 1010 Producer)

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