I just wanted to let you know, that though I haven’t written a new post yet, I have been editing old one’s and replying to comments. In “what I do in the bathroom” I made two corrections. Firstly, Tom’s of Maine toothpaste still comes in aluminium and is totally recyclable. Secondly, I mentioned in the menstral supplies section that natural sea sponges are a good option and I have used them for years. My good friend Anna just alerted me to the fact that sea sponges are animals. I did research and dicovered they are killed to use their skeletons as sponges, so they are no longer my method of choice.

Also check out the publicity page to read Dale’s Globe and Mail article (if you haven’t yet) and also to find out about our upcoming radio and television appearances!!!!EEEEEK! Suddenly I am the garbage queen-oh the pressure! 😉



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2 responses to “Quickie

  1. Anna

    Oh, I’m sorry to cause you grief over the sponges! (although the mental image of you using a kitten as a tampon was pretty amusing). I hope you can find a good alternative.

    I bought some loofah seeds and am going to start growing the plants so they’ll be big enough to have a good growing season in the summer. If it works out I’ll send you some nice plant sponges as a consolation, even though they won’t be good for menstruation.

  2. Maxine

    Hi Sarah,

    My name is Maxine and I’m a writer for Glow magazine at Rogers in Toronto. I too also came across Dale’s piece in the Globe and Mail and I’m very interested in hearing your story.

    I’m writing a piece on ways Canadians can reduce household waste for an upcoming issue of our magazine and would very much like to speak to you. Please let me know how I may get in contact with you.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind Regards,
    Maxine Cheung

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