Bits n’bites

Real Gum!!!I keep forgetting to post that front Door Organic is the best company I’ve ever dealt with. They wrote me back a really nice letter after I explained that I had to cancel their services in order to live garbage free.Today I found real gum-it’s biodegradable-it’s really made from natural gum and it’s in a recycled, recyclable cardboard box! It’s called Glee Gum and I got it from Grassroots. The ingredients are cane sugar, glucose, and gum base made from natural chicel, rice syrup, cinnamon, red beet colour, resinous glaze, beeswax and carnauba wax.

Real Gum!!!Real Gum!

I made some “cards” today and left them at Grassroots. I’m going to make some more to carry with me. trashy business cards

I also found the toothbrushes I like made out of corn.toothbrushes I’ll post more about that in the bathroom post I’m working on.Thank you again to everyone who expressed interest in this project. I’m so excited-I might be on a talk show and there may be a no garbage documentary coming your way! Eeeeek! Many people have asked me to refer them to a book of resources. If you are in
Toronto “Green Toronto” is pretty good. There is no all encompassing resource though- I collect information from a variety of sources and I learn as I go. If you are interested in helping to write a “live trash free” book, let me know!



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2 responses to “Bits n’bites

  1. at the office today I was thinking that I’d love to see a documentary on your project! you’ve put so much work into your research. plus, you’re fun and sweet – your documentary would have the right amount of information plus charisma.

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