Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment with Dr.Tambasco to get some warts iced off-lovely! I have another appointment in 2 weeks and I expressed my concern about making medical garbage during our project. She said the amount of garbage they made was a big concern of hers as well and that she was willing to do my treatment without rubber gloves. That means her hands might get a little burnt/iced (liquid nitrogyn), but she was willing to make the sacrifice.

Also I was running around and didn’t have time to make something to eat, so I stopped at Subway on King and Parliment before band practice. I’m sure the girl thought I was a complete freak, but she did give me my foot long sub directly in my hand, with no packaging at all! I probably wouldn’t risk that during the project because it’s very rare that I am able to explain to people what I want and actually get it. It’s better to be prepared with premade lunches and snacks, but it was a nice victory none-the-less.



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  1. Cristina

    Congrats! I read about you today in the Globe and Mail, and you guys are my heros. I’ll try to reduce garbage too this year, though up til now I’ve always had some cockamamy excuse (we live in a condo, no green bin, etc. etc.). Phooey! I’ll buy a composter myself. We need more people like you. You and your husband should talk to school children! Anyway, thank you, because what you’re doing helps all of us and our children. I admire you.

  2. Cristina

    PS – I just remembered we’re changing our carpet this year. Ugh. I’ll try to convince my husband to go for carpet tiles instead – when the tiles wear out, they can be replaced individually instead of replacing and trashing the whole carpet. AND, when we can afford it, we’ll get a proper floor (bamboo?) — something that doesn’t get worn out and need replacing.

  3. I’ve been potty-training my son, and pretty soon there will be about 3-4 less diapers a day in the trash.

    Do people still do cloth diapers ??

  4. Liz

    Hey there, just read the article in the Globe, really enjoyed it.

    One thing that struck me was that you have to avoid buying CDs because of the plastic wrappers. I often buy my CDs from Rotate This on Queen West (@ Bathurst), in order to deter shoplifters the good people at Rotate This will keep the CDs and CD cases seperate until the final sale to consumers. This means that most of the CDs purchased there comes wrapper-free. As an avid consumer of music I can only imagine how hard it would be to give up buying new music for my collection. I hope that this helps you keep up your comendable goal, while still allowing you to listen to the music you love.

    Congratulations and keep up the good work!

  5. Wow, I’m overwhelmed with the love and support we have been getting because of this article. Thanks, Dale Duncan and the Globe and Mail! This is so awesome. All these comments make up for the fact that the picture is horrendous and quoted in large print is me saying “I often end up looking really crazy”. I didn’t think anyone would be interested in what ugly, blurry, crazy people were doing, but fortunately I was wrong 🙂 If you see the article on line (which I recommend), you miss the picture and the blown up quote.
    cristina- I’m not sure what to do about flooring. We have hardwood, but it was here when we got here.
    Slimslaby-yes, people still do use cloth diapers. Here is a good article from the NOW, with some cloth diaper resourses and some other random sites I found. Hopefully, you won’t need them much longer once the wee ones become potty trained. Perhaps if you had a beautiful potty like a victorian chamber pot, it would be more attractive to poop in:) These sites have better advice than I:

    We do buy second hand CD’s. The Rotate This suggestion is a good one except that they throw the wrappers in the garbage, so we would still be creating garbage, just not bringing it home. It would be awesome if they had a deal with all their suppliers so that the CD’s would just arrive unwrapped. Someday….oh someday…..
    THANKS! 🙂

  6. Don

    Congratulations on your goal. We too are trying to reduce our garbage output, however total elimination is a long way off.
    Do you know where one could find a list of strategies to reduce waste?
    A list of stores that reduce or eliminate packaging in the GTA, not just downtown Toronto, as we are in the burbs?
    A list of tips to eliminate waste? For instance, what do you do about toothpaste tubes, or feminine hygene products?
    Good luck in your efforts,

  7. Don
    I’ll work on those tips for you. I have a compilation of information, but as far as I knew there is not one all encompassing resource, which is why i’m trying to get this website done.
    If you buy Tom’s of Main Toothpaste, you can recycle the tube and there is no rip off tab, you just poke the aluminium to access the paste. Some of the new tubes are different, so you have to look at it carefully. Also there are many recipes for making your own toothpaste.
    This site is a good one

    MAKE YOUR OWN TOOTH POWDER. Thoroughly mix 3 parts baking soda (the cleanser and sweetener) with part salt (the abrasive) and funnel the compound into a short small-mouthed container such as a pop or beer bottle. You’ll find that the creation has a satisfying, different taste and leaves your mouth feeling very fresh and soothed. If you’d like, add a few drops of peppermint or wintergreen oil to the concoction – or mix the home “brew” half-and-half with a commercial tooth powder – to give the dentifrice a more pleasant flavor.

    As for feminine hygene products, I use reusable pads, which you can make or buy at many earth friendly stores or on the internet. Also sea sponges work well, and many of my friends like the keeper. I’ll do a more thorough post of my research on things you need in the bathroom ASAP.

  8. Hi Sarah: Your project is inspiring. I look forward to finding “tips and tricks” from your website. This reminds me of Hints from Heloise, a quaint newspaper column assembled from many people’s ideas for ways to use/re-use stuff. In the 1970’s and 80’s I thought it was the most ridiculous thing. Now I realize it was a) somewhat ahead of it’s time and b) a holdover of war-time civilian mentality, when things were in short supply and people were poor/cheap. We are coming full circle, and hopefully pulling ourselves out of the rat race of accumulating stuff. There’s a connection to pack-rat. Cheers, Lisa.

  9. Theresa

    thanks for the inspiration.

    People do use cloth diapers, I did, and very happily so. I am still far away from beig trash free, but would love to learn more.

    As for the CD thing, my hairdresser (Brian at World) kept complaining to his supplier about all the packaging they sent him and two things happened: they stopped, and he created his own line that is free of chemical crap AND packaging. And got a solar panel to boot, very proud of him.
    Anyway, maybe that store you mentioned would try the same thing. the supplies won’t change until we demand it.

    I create less garbage around the house by using Enjo to clean. No packaging, lasts two-three years, recyclable. And no chemicals. Very happy camper.
    My kids use it!

  10. Theressa
    Who is your hairdresser and does he refill bottles of hair product??????? I still haven’t found an answer to the conditioner problem. I have very long hair and the solid conditioners with no packaging make it in a solid waxy helmet that I can’t brush. Grass Roots has Druid in bulk but it’s the same. I’ve checked numerous hair salons and suppliers and no one seems to refill anymore!
    thanks for the tip about enjo too!

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