Gettin’ Ready

A Globe and Mail photographer came by tonight to take pictures to accompany the article that will be in Saturday’s paper. EEEEE! Dale Duncan, a wonderful person that I met at a LEAF tree tour, wrote an article about this project. It’s all very exciting.

We are preparing to start again. We need to cancel our  milk and organic produce delivery.  It’s such a bummer because both of the companies Harmoney Milk, and Front Door Organics are on our side. They are working for the greater good, improving the state of the environment, but unfortunately they both send me miniscule bits of garbage. We special order our milk in bottles from Etherea (great store at 1151 Davenport Road – (416) 916-1894) It’s an awesome system. We get amazing organic milk from farily treated cows in glass bottles. We bring the bottle back, get a deposit back and they use them again. The problem is the small plastic tab that seals the cap! So for the month we will be making our own rice and almond milk, like I did when I was vegan.

Front Door Organics is a fantastic caring company that delivers fresh produce, whether you remember to leave payment that week or not. Unfortunately, some of their stuff comes in packaging as well. Here is the letter I wrote them:

Hi FDO crew

I just wanted to let you know we are very happy customers, who greatly appreciate your grass roots, down to earth, friendly services. It has been a pleasure dealing with your company and we have been often pleasantly surprised at how wonderfully you treat your customers. Also, starting our own recycling program was an amazing and noble thing to do. Yaaaaay Front Door Organics!

That said, it seems strange that I am informing you that we need to cancel our service for the time being. My husband and I are doing a project where we are trying to go a consecutive month without producing any garbage. We have our own limits and one of mine is recycling. I can only make a small bin of it, as recycling itself creates waste as well. If you are interested, you can check out our project  in the Globe and Mail this Saturday or at my blog Http:// stout which I am slowly moving over to so that it will be easier to navigate and interact with.

I know your organization is doing amazing things for the environment. Keep up the good work. It’s the small things like plastic on fruit, boxes, carrot bags and stickers that make it necessary for us to stop receiving the Fresh Box.

Earlier this evening a photographer from the Globe came over to take pictures to accompany the article while we were putting away our Fresh Box. We were sort of embarrassed because we were talking about creating no garbage and there are obvious items of garbage in the photos (a big orange crate, an onion bag, a carrot bag etc.) The Globe staff was asking where we got our groceries and were tried to sing FDO’s praises but also had to explain that we would have to stop ordering from you in order to successfully accomplish the project. It would be amazing if you could find suppliers that don’t use packaging, or pressure current suppliers to go that route. In the mean time we will have to find our garbage-free organic produce elsewhere (perhaps we will lose weight;) If you have any questions, or if we can be of assistance in any way, please don’t hesitate to call. We hope to do business with you again in the near future.

Thanks again!

Warmly, Sarah McGaughey


I will also try to contact Harmony to see if there is anything they can do instead of the plastic tabs.


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One response to “Gettin’ Ready

  1. good luck darling Sarah! it’s good to see you beginning this again! Anna once said she wants to do it with you; you should contact her to see if she’s ready.

    also, I met someone recently who loves The Bar Mitzvah Brothers! fun!

    take care sweetheart. I’m cheering for you and the environment! I admire you and your project. we should all be a little more like Sarah.

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